Соль и сахар - белая смерть. Лес и водка - зелёные друзья.
I'm here. In the ICQ.
There is Betty. In the other continent.
Who is it - Betty? I don't know. Nobody. There are thousands Betty in this world. Doesn't matter.
Do you remember, she was your friend - virtual friend, virtual woman, virtual shadow... - here in this fucking virtual world. Oh, yes, she was! But she couldn't be often here, and I can't be in this fucking misunderstanding ICQ, and i forget her, so i'm so happy!
But if she send you a gift on Christmas, if she will arrive to the USA and will decide to visit your majesty?.. Oh, i'm sorry, I often forget to tell that i move in other house in my beautiful small town. Doesn't matter, if she find me, let's talk her i'm busy and slam the door.
Forget her, dear Timmy, she is just a shadow in your life. Suffering pale shadow...

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